Solo shows

2023               Quick Response, NCAD, Dublin
2021                Madness and the Cure for Madness, Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
2017                Tronies, Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
2014                The Middle Watch, J Cacciola Gallery, New York
2011                Drawings , Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
2008               Camden Town and the Aisling Project Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
2006               no colour, no colour, OPW, Dublin
2004               Six People, Two Places, Blue Leaf Gallery, Dublin

Selected Group Shows and Commissions

2023               RHA Annual Exhibition
2022               RHA Annual Exhibition
2021               Grayson Perry’s Art Club, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
2021               Visiting Artist Exhibition, Graphic Print Studio
2021                Two works added to National Collection
2021                New Perspectives, National Gallery of Ireland
2021                Zurich Portrait Prize, National Gallery of Ireland
2021                RHA Annual Exhibition            
2020                Lace, Paint, Hair, National Gallery of Ireland
2020                RHA Annual Exhibition
2019                National Gallery of Ireland acquires Self-Portrait
2019                British Art Fair, Robert Upstone Ltd, Saatchi Gallery, London
2019                Re-Beginning, Thinkspace, Culver City, California, USA
2019                Unforseeable Thereness, Stanek Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
2019                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2018                British Art Fair, Robert Upstone Ltd, Saatchi Gallery, London
2018                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2018                Graphic Print Gallery, Dublin
2017                The Hennessy Portrait Prize, National Gallery, Dublin
2017                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2017                Ranelagh Arts Festival
2016                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin (Invited artist)
2015                Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Exhibition, King’s Palace, London
2015                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2014                The Hennessy Portrait Prize, National Gallery, Dublin
2014                National Self Portrait Collection, Limerick
2014                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2014                Portrait Gala, National Portrait Gallery, London
2013                Art Miami, Florida
2013                Voltus, Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
2013                Art Toronto, Toronto
2013                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2013                Four Portrayals, J. Cacciola Gallery, New York
2012                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2011                Life Room, Bourne Vincent Gallery, Limerick
2011                RUA Annual Exhibition, Belfast
2011                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2010                Next Art Fair, Chicago
2010                Davy Portrait Awards, Belfast, Dublin and Cork
2010                Portrait for new wing of Gate Theatre, Dublin
2008                Davy Portrait Awards, Belfast and Dublin
2008                Ranelagh Arts Festival, Dublin
2007                Shelbourne Reception Paintings, Dublin
2007                RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2007                ‘The F Word’, Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
2006                Portrait of Brian Friel for the Gate Theatre, Dublin
2006                150th Anniversary of the National Portrait Gallery, London
2006                Boyle Arts Festival, Roscommon
2006                Ranelagh Arts Festival, Dublin
2005                Portrait Ireland, Newtownbarry House, Wexford
2005                Commission – Croke Park Hotel Lobby
2005                BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London
2004                RHA Annual Exhibition