Molesworth Gallery, Dublin, November 2017



Tronie, the title of this piece, is a Dutch art historical term (literally meaning 'head', 'face' or 'countenance') for certain types of
head paintings from the Flemish Baroque and Dutch Golden Age. Tronies were not intended as portraits. Rather, they
were meant as studies of expression, type, physiognomy, or any kind of interesting character. Like portraits, tronies were
made from living models, but they did not focus on the portrayal of a particular person complete with indicative props and context.
Instead, they freely explored the spectrum of human appearance and emotional expression.

Thinking of this work as a reinterpretation of a tronie, rather than as a ‘portrait’ in the traditional sense, has helped
generate a looser approach to the work both in terms of the subject and of the technique.


























































Still Life (After Matisse) - oil on canvas, 29 x 21 inches